Eyelash Extension After care

Eyelash Extension After care

Aftercare is so important about protecting your eyelash investment and getting the most out of each and every eyelash application.

What do I need to do to care for my eyelash extensions?

Cleansing and Brushing your Lashes daily, cleansing is the most important for Lash health and hygiene, brushing them daily keeps them nice and neat in the right place.

What do I need to avoid?

Heat and Oil 🚫 these are the 2 main factors that break down the bond between the Natural Lash and Extension. This means you should also avoid steaming hot showers/ saunas, Hair Dryers on heat, Ovens anything with extreme heat or burst of heat.

The next Big No No! Waterproof mascara on your eyelashes is the worst thing for your Lash artist, it either sticks like no one's business or it makes the Lashes fall off prematurely! A water-soluble mascara or ones that are designed specifically for eyelash extensions is fine to use, although you'll probably find that you no longer require mascara! 

Do not use cleansers, makeup removers or moisturizers that contain oils on your eyes, as these will compromise the Lash adhesive used to adhere your eyelashes so refrain from using these oily products if you want Luscious Lashes. There is many great oil-free Lash and Brow cleansers designed for Lash Extensions. 

*Do not rub your eyes, instead, you should get used to patting your eyes gently which is in fact much better for the eyelashes and the sensitive skin around the eyes.

*Never pull your eyelash extension off as it will pull out your natural eyelash and can cause premature balding If you want them removed contact your Lash Artist and have a safe removal service.

*Do not perm or tint your eyelash extensions.

*Do not use eyelash curlers on your eyelashes.

Book your next eyelash refill at 2 - 4 week intervals in order to maintain Fullness as yes we do in fact shed lashes daily! 

Qualified Lash Artists with comprehensive training understand the adhesive science to further aid your retention, eyelash safety, and customised eyelash styling. So please follow your aftercare. 

Jess xx 

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