The ONE warning sign NOT to ignore when getting Lash Extensions

The ONE warning sign NOT to ignore when getting Lash Extensions

The One Warning Sign Not To Ignore When Getting Lash Extensions

You may have overtime seen good and bad like bad bad horror stories on Facebook and social media about Eyelash Extensions but there is one warning sign not to ignore when getting eyelash extensions.

There are a few things to watch out for whilst getting lashes done, but the major one not to ignore is eye stinging!

Stinging?! Yes, this can often occur when getting eyelash extensions and is one to not ignore. The reason you get stinging is that whilst your lash artist is lashing and applying the extensions the adhesive releases a fume and this can build up and cause irritation and can lead to a chemical burn! But not to worry if your lash artist like myself knows how to stop and cause the fume build up this will prevent a chemical burn.

How do we prevent this?

Preparation of your eyes helps prevent this when we secure your bottom lashes with gel eye pads and micropore tape. The main one is making sure your eyes remain closed at all times, sometimes your eyes can flutter maybe if it's your first time or you've had a few coffees in the morning, we can use different techniques to help this, you may remember my happy dance on Instagram a few weeks ago where my client had previously been getting her lashes every 3 weeks and having a chemical burn four 3-4 days after 😢 it was mission to stop that and we did! 🎉

So with all that said if you ever do get stinging please advise your lash artist as its as simple as using a fan to create airflow around your eyes and eliminating the fume build up leaving you with no more stinging and definitely no chemical burn!

Ladies this is your eyesight at the end of the day so please always do research and don't be afraid to say you have stinging! I've had it and a chemical burn and that shit ain't fun!

P.s full blog with only one swear word! (im a sweary mum sorry, not sorry!) 😂

Jess xx
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