Tanning Services


Before your tanning appointment, Please Read. 

Your at home preparation is just as important as our application process. The better you prepare your skin the better the result! Some important steps to take before your appointment:


Thoroughly exfoliate before the night before and the morning of your spray tan. This is THE most important thing you must do. A thorough exfoliation will prolong the life of your tan and give you an even result.

Eyebrow tinting is to be done at least 24hrs PRIOR to your appointment.

Any hair removal is to be done 24 hours prior. Please do not shave JUST before your tan. Shaving can encourage your skin to produce natural oils which can effect the tan. Make sure you thoroughly exfoliate after your hair removal.

If washing your hair or shaving before your appointment make sure you exfoliate after these activities to ensure any conditioner and/or moisturiser is completely removed.

Use a body wash that is not highly perfumed and make sure all soap is removed from your skin.

After your last shower before your appointment do not apply any moisturiser or deodorant. Moisturiser can act as a barrier and deodorant can react with the spray tan and turn it green.

We supply hair nets, disposable under wear, baby wipes, sticky feet, hair nets all free of charge. Please ask your friendly technician if you require any of these products.

What you wear during your appointment is up to you. You can wear your own swimwear, underwear or we use our disposable g-strings. Just remember that what ever you have on, is what tan line you will have after. 

After your Tan!

Wear or bring dark, loose-fitting clothing to change into at the end of your tan. Tanning solutions wash out of most clothes very easily but may stain some materials.

If it is raining, make sure you are covered up.

Use a gentle body wash, and avoid anything which may exfoliate your skin such as long, hot baths, exposure to chlorinated water, or exfoliating gloves or sponges.

Wait a minimum of 8 hours before you moisturise and then moisturise morning and night for the life of your tan.

A spray tan will last 5-10 days depending on how well you exfoliated, your natural skin cycle and your at home maintenance.

A good skin care regime is essential when taking care of your spray tan. Along side continual moisturising we strongly recommend the tan extender we have in salon. The tan extender keeps your tan looking vibrant and can extend the life of your tan up to 14 days.

When it comes time to removing your tan the ‘Tan-Off Mitt’  will be your best friend. or the GLOWDRY bath bombs. 

Do not exercise for 24hrs after your tan.