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Magnetic Lash Line

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Two Boss Babes bringing you a collaboration of only the best! 
Elite Lash Supplies & Training X Cynthia Anne Cosmetics

Newly Launched Magnetic Lashes collections consistences of 3 styles of lashes that are perfect for your working Mumma, school pick, work life, food shopping a girls night out! 

You might be wondering what to expect when wearing our magnetic liner lashes. Maybe you're completely new to false lashes, and this is your first time trying them. Or maybe you've tried everything and you're tired of all of the time and stress that goes into wearing false lashes.

Whichever one you are, we guarantee you'll love our magnetic lash line!

Once you receive your new liner and lashes in the mail, it's time to put them to the test!

Apply your magnetic liner, let it dry, and then put on your favorite lashes. Since our liner and lashes are both magnetic, the lashes will snap right on.

If you feel like switching lash styles, you can easily take your lashes off and apply different ones.

Our magnetic lashes will stay on the entire day including through windy days and your workouts.