The 4 Important things you didn't know that age your skin!

The 4 Important things you didn't know that age your skin!

The 4 things that are skin ageing:

UV damage is, by far, the number-one avoidable factor in ageing.

Smoking and food intake in are second and third place.

Collagen production decreases by 1% every year after the age of 21.

Skin-cell turnover rate slows by up to 1/3 as you age.


Anti-ageing skincare products can be placed into three categories:




We all want to feel and look younger as we age, Prevention is the key for beautiful skin.

We recommend a specific anti-ageing focus for each age range:

Ages 18 to 25: preventative

Ages 25 to 35: preventative + defensive

Ages 35 to 45: preventative + defensive + introduction of rebuilding skincare

Ages 45+: preventative + defensive + rebuilding

Keep in mind that the rate at which your skin ages depends on your genetics, environment, skin colour, UV exposure, and lifestyle..

Let's discuss the first type of anti-ageing skincare. It's something that you probably don't think of as an anti-ageing product and is often overlooked as the cheapest and most effective anti-ageing cream available, sunblock. 

1.Preventative Anti-Ageing Skincare

When you're in the first age bracket 18-25, you want to use sun protection every day. Think of it like a financial investment: the earlier you start saving, the more that it adds up years over the years.

Many people still view sun protection as a must-have for any outside life activities when in reality, sun protection should be worn every day, whether you're working in an office, driving the car or taking a quick walk on a Sunday arvo.

Other than a sunscreen worn daily under your makeup a great serum to keep your skin hydrated is our Medik8 Hydrate B5 

2. Defensive Anti-Ageing Skincare (25-35)

When skin is young, it has a very healthy supply of antioxidants vitamins and minerals. These active substances help your body defend itself against internal and external stressors and to rebuild and heal quickly.

As you mature, your body experiences more and more stressors. This stress has the potential to deplete your supply of vital antioxidants.

Imagine your skin has a Full Glass of water at 100%. When it's under constant attack from UV exposure, pollution, poor diet, lack of sleep, disease, and stress, this glass of water is drained faster than your diet can replenish it. The aim of defensive skincare is to help replenish your skin's reserves from the outside in.

We highly recommend products containing vitamins C and E for your defensive skincare routine. These antioxidants are both naturally found within skin and also help to protect and rebuild lost collagen.

Recommended anti-ageing, antioxidant serums:

Medik8 C-Tetra

3. Rebuilding Anti-Ageing Skincare

The final rung of the ladder in an anti-ageing skincare regimen is rebuilding. This is where proven, well-researched anti-ageing ingredients can actually rewind the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. The go-to ingredient in any dermatologist's practice for this step is vitamin A, also known as retinol.

Vitamin A is well known to:

Speed up cell turnover

Reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles

Increase firmness by stimulating collagen and elastin production

Fade hyperpigmentation such as age spots

For this step, we recommend introducing one of the following anti-ageing products:

Night Ritual Vitamin A, eventually working up to Medik8 Retinol 3 TR (0.3%)

As always, if you're in need of further product advice, our expert skincare therapist is always available for a FREE Skin Analysis.

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