Online Bookings - Salon Polices

As we are a busy salon all bookings require a booking deposit to secure the allocated time you are selecting. Online booking payments require a credit card.

If you wish to make a booking however do not feel online is suited for you, alternatively you can call  0488 618 370 to secure the allocated time, payments can be made via bank deposit or paypal. 


Arrival/ Late times

For your initial appointment 10-15 minutes before hand for a consultation process.
Infill and future full sets  will require you to arrive at the specified time when the booking was confirmed. Failure to arrive on time or 10-15 minutes late will result in the appointment being cancelled and a fee of 50% of your service.

You must arrive with no eye-make up on your lashes/lash line. 

We must preform a lash cleanse before any lash treatment to removed and dirt, oils and debris naturally found on the lash line, however removing makeup. mascara can be very time consuming and sometimes despite our efforts we can not remove it all and this will lead to poor retention.

Infill Requirements

All infills must have over 40% lash extensions remaining to qualify for an infill any thing less we will a full set. This will be advised before we start the treatment.

 We do accept infills from other salons however before booking please send through photos of your currents lashes so we can advise if the time you will need or if a removal and full set needs to be applied. Our guarantee does not apply on work done elsewhere.

Deposits / Cancellation Policy

All appointments require a $40 Booking fee

 All services are no refundable. In the event that we need to process a refunded, the refunded will be processed the way in which it was paid for.

 We require at least 24 hours notice should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

This can be done via phone. text or email. Should you need to cancel or reschedule with less than 24 hours notice. Your deposit will not be refunded with no exceptions.

Age Restrictions

Due to our salon polices and legislation we can not perform services on any one under the age of 16. 16 -18 years of  will need a guardian or parental consent and will need to remain on the premises whilst the service is being preformed. 


Our 5 Day Guarantee

Due to the natural of lash extension retention, human anatomy, lash growth and surrounds we offer a 5 day guarantee if you have an excessive lash shed within 5 days (Over 50% extension loss) you will need to contact us by phone, email or social media (Private messages) within the 5 days for a free touch up where troubleshooting will be done to assess if aftercare has been followed as well as the natural lashes.

We ensure our application and factors involved are perfect at the time of application. 


When lash extensions come into contact with consistent heat and oil it will break down the bond prematurely between the lash extension and natural lash. There is also other requirements for aftercare which are listed below.  

-Wash and Brush lashes daily

-No mascara

-No eyeliner

-No lash curlers

-No pulling and tugging on the extensions and natural lashes

- Book regular infills to maintain fullness

 We shed roughly 3-5 natural lashes per day, this is usually only noticeable once we have wither curled (lash lift) or have something synthetic on the lashes which makes it more noticeable.

everyone's lash growth is different, hormones and lifestyle will determine the longevity of your extensions.