About Us

Hi everyone, my name is Jessica, I am the CEO of Jess's Lash and Brow boutique. I started my journey as a lash customer and this began my enormous love of lashes. Shortly after I enrolled in my first lash extension course when a 0.25 was applied 😞 Upon seeking more training and support, I came to realize 1) the lack of support, 2) lack of high-quality products, and 3) the lack of comprehensive training available,I now currently run both the salon, Online Lash supply store and Training Academy along side my mother. 

I was born to lash, the feeling i get when i open my eyes is one that i truly want to pass onto all my clients. Feeling like i can achieve anything this world has to offer. The training gives me great sense of achievement knowing that i can help ladies create a business to also make women feel this way whilst also creating an amazing career supporting their family and lifestyle.

I also continue my education to further my skills and knowledge, that I then willing provide and share along the way to build and support the lash community.

Our training academy is conveniently located in South Brisbane, Australia. Furthermore, our training courses are offered either at the academy or online which is available worldwide.

Whilst my love for lashes is strong, however, my first love is being a wife and a mum to 4. 

Jess xx